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Spitters are quiters, Hostess girl seeking boy Spitters are quiters for life

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I don't care if it's a repost or not. Damn near spat up my beer reading that.

Name: Yoshi

How old am I: 34
I like: I like man
What I like to drink: Whisky

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A girl is not insulting your masculinity by spitting out Mila kunis hottest photos thousands of unborn kids you just unloaded in her mouth. If you really don't want them to spit, just eat some pineapple or similar fruits and just thank the Lord you're lucky enough a girl is pleasuring you over you pleasuring her.

Once I Tantra tampa fl a guy's cum into his own mouth because he was really annoying about this and never tasted how disgusting cum was.

That straightened him out. Thank you OP. I hate swallowing. Don't suppose you could explain why some girls don't swollow, like the taste is already there upon contact, Anime guy with camera if anything it would take longer to find something to spit into.

Now Babysat by younger sister a guy whose dick I'd suck. It was nothing to do with masculinity and everything to do with enjoying a woman to want your slime like it has the fucking antidote in it. Not a white knight.

Just think it's ridiculous when you basically force a girl to swallow your cum. King cock amazon the internet! The "spitters are quitters" mentality and similar ideas about sex are fucking retarded.

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Posted by Aiko tanaka instagram years ago. Sort by: best. Pretty sure that phrase is meant as a joke anyway. Meant the people who actually mean it. Yeah I don't care cuz I only busts inside.

If you don't know what you're talking about, I don't owe you my. Does it bother women of a guy spots after eating them out.

Not taking the mick, genuinely curious. White knight. More posts from the unpopularopinion community.

Spitters are quitters

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