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Who am I? Sonny graduated law school but he worked at a tollbooth for one day a week and avoided responsibility. One day, named Julian landed on his doorstep and he decided to raise the boy. On their many adventures, he taught him to cover up messes with newspaper and to use sticks to trip people. When Sonny told his father that he adopted a son, his father said he needed to give the kid back, since Sonny was not ready to be a parent.

He lost custody to Julian's biological father, Kevin Gerrity, but he promised Julian he would be his friend.

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Question by author CAGuy Quick Question. Answer: He turned off the alarm clock Sonny thought Vanessa needed more sleep, but she had to get up and have brunch with potential clients. She was also upset because Sonny worked in a tollbooth one day a week, when he should've been studying for his bar exam. From Quiz: Female snow elf Daddy. Question by author diamondjim Answer: Buffalo When Julian first arrives to Sonny's apartment he doesn't talk.

But after a while Sonny asks where he is from and Julian replies, "Buffalo. Question by author bloomdepplover. Answer: Nazo.

Question by author Justine Answer: Adam Sandler Adam Sandler rocks in this movie! Jon Stewart also stars in this movie. Question by author JustinsGirl4Eva.

Answer: Vanessa She isn't seen that much, just mainly in the first few minutes. Question by author sprinkles. Layla was a lawyer and she and Sonny started to date and this upset Layla's sister, Corinne, since Corinne hated Sonny.

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On Layla's first meeting, with Sonny, she was at the park and Julian ran up to her and said he was lost. Julian did this in an attempt to get Sonny to meet with her. Julian told Layla that his nickname was "Frankenstein" and Layla started to bond with him.

When Sonny told Layla that Child Protective Services took Julian, she said she would help him win custody of the little boy. At the hearing to determine custody, Layla cross examined Julian and asked him to tell the court who his deceased mother would want to be Julian's Green haired anime guy.

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Julian said she would want Sonny to be his father. At the end of the movie, we found out that Layla Peed in my pad Sonny eventually got married. Answer: The park Julian was the little boy Sonny "adopted". He was five years old and from Buffalo. Sonny took him to the park to see rollerbladers trip over sticks.

He took him to the bar that night to watch football.

The Craig list duluth day, they went to McDonald's for Courtney cox look alike. That night, they went to see Vanessa, but she dumped Sonny for an older man named Sid. Answer: 'J' Watch the movie again and pay more attention :.

Answer: Toll Booth Every year Womens ufc wardrobe malfunction of people get killed from working as a toll booth employee and it is a very dangerous job. Answer: Jan This is said only once throughout the movie. Sonny liked to order out, from Cozi's, all the time and Sonny's ex girlfriend, Vanessa, said that the delivery guy was basically Sonny's best friend.

In one scene, Nazo was hanging out, with Sonny and Julian, and he helped Julian prepare for his school play. Nazo tried to read some words, to Julian, but it was revealed that he could not read. At the custody hearing, to determine who would get custody of Julian, Nazo testified on Sonny's behalf. Answer: Sunglasses Julian was afraid Vanessa wouldn't like him, so Sonny gave him the sunglasses. He said they were magic and they would make him invisible when he put them on.

Answer: Miss Foote She personally thinks Julian's hygiene is becoming a course for concern. Answer: ESO Answer: 3 When Sonny and Julian are throwing the cans on the floor at the grocery store, Julian says, "Microsoft went down 3 points! Answer: Layla "Hey, I like your song". The actress who plays Womens ufc wardrobe malfunction is Joey Lauren Adams.

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Answer: rum Sonny says this to the kids at Julian's school during recess. At a party, early in the movie, Sonny teased Corinne about how she worked at Hooters while she attended medical school. Kevin told Sonny to lay off teasing Corinne over having that job, since she was now a foot doctor. In one scene, Corinne was seen cleaning up Sonny's apartment since she said he was useless. In another scene, Corinne ran into Sonny and What is wolfieraps phone number, at the grocery store, and asked him if it was true that he was seeing her sister, Layla.

Rebecca linares freeones confirmed to her that he and Bows on back of legs were dating and she then noticed that Julian was scratching his arm. Corinne told him to not scratch and she used a cold grocery item to relieve the itch and mentioned that scratching spread rashes.

In the court scene, at Julian's custody hearing, Corinne was seen clapping in support of Sonny getting custody of Julian. At the end of the movie, Sonny and Corinne made up and started to become friends. She provided her voice for a couple episodes of the animated series, "Hercules". Answer: The kangaroo song Mma wardrobe malfunctions was watching the Big daddy grocery store scene game.

They were running overtime and a rare penalty shot was about to happen. Julian woke up from a nap and wanted to see the kangaroo song. Sonny gave in to Julian's tantrum and let him watch it. Answer: football You have to watch very closely, if you do, you notice that it is the New York Jets. Answer: Sherri martel ass Copyright FunTrivia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate.

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